How To Choose Your Monogram Wedding Cake Toppers

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Customized monogram wedding cake toppers can spice up just about any cake. While humorous statuettes and figurines are growing more common at marriage ceremonies, some people simply want more class and style in their wedding. A monogram is perfect for creating that image.

Couples or decorators can pick from a template of many different monograms. Most stores that offer them have a wide variety of templates. Others still offer personalization by allowing the customer to create their own monogram.

While fancy and funny cake toppers are perfectly fine, some people simply want to remember their wedding or marriage ceremony as a classy and sophisticated event. That’s fine too. There nothing wrong with wanting to be formal – far from it.

It’s only natural to want the image of the best and finest and often, stylish decorations such as fancy cake toppers can help create that impression and memory. However, it can be difficult to pick or find the right one without guidelines or an idea of what you really want to achieve with it. The following tips should help you pick the perfect monogram, one that you’ll treasure for years to come.

The first thing you should consider is of course, what design it should have. Monogram wedding cake toppers traditionally have an initial – often the initial of the last name of the groom. Sometimes, both the bride and groom share this honor, especially if the bride chose to keep her last name.

After figuring out what you want your monogram to be, you should decide what material it will be made with.

Gold colored monograms looks great and are perfect for people who want to celebrate their Golden Anniversary with a second or potentially third wedding. Other materials are available for those celebrating other anniversaries and of course, their very first.

A famous and common preference is to have these monograms made with a mirrored finish, which definitely adds some class.

For those who don’t know where to look for their monogram wedding cake toppers, the internet is a fine place to find a store that will cater to their needs. is one of these sites as they offer a massive assortment of options for monogram wedding cake toppers. is another site that caters to decorators and the like. They also offer many other things planners would be looking for. In fact, many wedding cake sites also offer toppers in addition to what they normally sell.

If you can’t quite find the right symbol or design for you, you can look into metal crafting sites. They could get more expensive, but the detail and the quality of the work could very well be worth it.

Wedding cakes are all well and good, but as with any cake at a celebration, it’ll all probably be gone by the end of the day. The toppers or designs will last as long as you want them and are particularly fun for the sentimental. Monogram wedding cake toppers are a worthy expenditure who want to add a little more to an already important and memorable occasion.


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