Don’t Sweat It – Maintaining Your Wedding Look in the Summer Heat

Wedding Hair & Makeup

A Summer wedding can be particularly uncomfortable if the climate is very humid. These are our tips if you want to keep your cool.


Always work with the natural texture of your hair, particularly if the climate is humid. Hairstyling products can be of help. However, it is unlikely your hair will stay straight if you have naturally curly hair. One other level to consider is your hairstyle. You may wish to think about an updo or compromise with a half-up hairstyle so that much less hair cascades onto your shoulders.


If you really feel your brow beginning to sweat, please, we repeat, please, don’t add extra powder. Doing so will only make your make-up appeared caked on, and it will be magnified by the camera. As an alternative, use blotting papers to take in extra sweat and any oil in your pores and skin. If you wear contact lenses, make sure that you have got eye drops or additional contact lenses in your survival package. If your eyes are likely to dry out fast, carry an extra pair. 


Make sure that you or your make-up artist is using waterproof mascara and avoiding cream-based products like a cream blush. Use a moisturizing lipstick when available and keep away from matte lipsticks.


Relying on what number of layers your dress has or how breathable the fabric is, chances are you’ll sweat more than you anticipate. Keep away from making use of moisturizer the day of the wedding and think about using an absorbent powder. Estee Lauder makes a moisture absorbent veil powder that dries away moisture regularly throughout the day; it doesn’t stain delicate materials and has a sweet scent. If available, have just a few small hand towels so that you could soak them in chilled water and place in your pores and skin to chill down if the weather gets scorching.


Sporting heels in a scorching and humid climate is a recipe for blisters. Use a baking soda based foot spray or body powder onto your toes. In case your footwear isn’t breathable, think about using shoe petal insert for the balls of your feet to maintain your foot from sliding, lowering friction.


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